Projects Audited: 591     Marketcap Assessed: $ 216M
Rug Projects: 54     Linked Wallets: 1564
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Security Audits

The RadRugs team is building a unique ecosystem to provide the crypto community with effective and simple tools to assess the risk of NFT projects. Our team of experienced auditors inspect and analyze projects based on a set of criteria developed with the help of the community.

Coaching & Counselling

We coach and guide projects that approach us to improve their safety and ensure that they provide a safe environment for their community. Our services include fundamental audit, community and social engagement assessments, Candy Machine audits, Discord server security assessments, and more.

Data Aggregator

Our platform has been built to quickly identify projects with interesting characteristics for you, in order to provide more tools to DYOR before investing in a project. A Premium section is reserved for privileged holders of 3+ NFTs from our collection.

Features and Benefits

We provide security assessments and coaching on NFTs projects.


Our powerful solutions adapt to the changing landscape for crypto investors.


We have established partnerships with other security services providers.

Data Aggregation

All-in-one platform with comprehensive and relevant data.


We provide tools to help you do your own research.

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